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Wide Format

Wide Format

Suppose you’re an architect and you’re working on a set of bid documents for a client. You start out with your conceptual drawings and then start bringing in engineers to help flesh out the design. At some point during this process, it can become difficult to track all of the changes made to your original idea.

Copiers Plus can help you eliminate this problem. With one of our wide format printers, you can scan architectural drawings and other larger documents for storage on a variety of formats. You’ll also have the ability to produce those documents quickly and with no loss of detail.

Features of Wide Format Printers

Some of the essential features of our available wide format printers include:

  • Fast warm-up times
  • High dpi resolutions for better image quality
  • Two-roll printing options for quicker switching between sizes
  • Ability to scan dozens of inches in minutes
  • Options to scan to USB/SD, email, folder and more
  • User authentication and PDF encryption to ensure your information’s security
  • Automatic data overwrite feature to prevent information theft
  • Edit and Preview options for scanning jobs
  • Preset and adjustable cutting options
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • Low-watt power consumption

For more information on our wide format printers, contact Copiers Plus.