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Case Studies

Case Studies

Here on our website, Copiers Plus wants to provide customers information on our products and services. However, our 30+ years of doing business have taught us that nothing’s more convincing than observing those products and services in action. Read some case studies of how our solutions have benefitted different clients.

Hankin Sandman

Local Law Firm Cuts Case Preparation Time with Automated Scanning Solutions

As the Administrator of the local law firm, Hankin, Sandman, Palladino, and Weintrob (, Fran McNellis understands the challenges related to managing documents throughout the case management process. “Managing documents used to be one of the biggest hassles we dealt with on a daily basis,” recalls McNellis. With boxes full of paper documents for each case, the firm was drowning in paper. Case preparation involved digging through files, retyping pages of information, and carrying boxes full of paper to client meetings.


Law firms face tremendous challenges when it comes to managing documents. “Every day the firm receives hundreds of paper documents in addition to emails and digital files.” In order to get the files into digital format, the firm started scanning documents. However, the scanning process ended up being very labor intensive. Once the file was scanned, the user would need to go to their computer, pull up the file, rename it and save it to a folder.

Solution: Multifunction Copiers + NSi Autostore

Scanning Automation

Frustrated with the amount of time wasted managing documents, McNellis was thrilled when her local Copiers Plus representative, Dan Celluci, introduced her to the NSi AutoStore scanning solution to help her tame the paper beast. The new solution allows users to walk up to one of six Lanier multifunctional copiers in the facility and scan their documents. Before scanning, the document can be named and routed to the appropriate case folder on the network.

Optical Character Recognition

Once the document is scanned, the system uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to make the document searchable. By the time the user gets back to their desk, the document is ready for anyone in the firm to access.

Scan to Word Perfect

The AutoStore software also converts scanned documents into Word Perfect. “Instead of spending an hour re-typing a document we can edit it in a matter of minutes.”

Lanier Multifunction Copiers

Scanning happens on the six Lanier multifunction copiers. By customizing the user control panels, Copiers Plus was able to integrate the AutoStore software to coordinate with the firm’s workflow. In addition to scanning, the systems provide fast and reliable printing, copying, and faxing capabilities to the firm.


McNellis and her team love the new solution. “We used to deal with volumes and volumes of paper. Now we are scanning documents efficiently.” With the new solution in place, the firm’s staff spends less time managing documents and more time focused on winning cases.

1. Increased Productivity

With a new scanning solution from Copiers Plus, the law firm has streamlined the scanning process. The OCR allows users can find information instantly. “Instead of hours of retyping, files are scanned into Word Perfect and edited in minutes.”

2. Courtroom Advantage

Case documents are accessed securely over the firm’s network. Instead of boxes of documents, attorneys access files on their laptops. “During an emergency if we have to find something quickly we use OCR to search all of the documents in a folder.” Being able to search all of the documents related to a case for pertinent facts adds up to competitive advantage in the courtroom.

3. Lower Costs

In addition to the increased staff productivity, the new solution also helps lower costs. Instead of mailing or overnighting documents they can now be scanned and emailed. Since some of the multifunction copiers can print in color, the firm has eliminated the cost, hassle and security risk of sending evidence to outside print shops for color printing.

4. Reduced Space

“We’re cutting down our filing space little by little,” smiles McNellis. “We keep the paper documents during the case. After the case is finished, Copiers Plus shreds the files.” Each month the firm finds less office space being dedicated to filing cabinets.

5. Amazing Support

“I deal with a lot of support people in my role,” commented McNellis. “These days you don’t get the kind of service that Copiers Plus offers. My representative, Dan Celluci, responds any time, day or night, making sure we get taken care of.” McNellis sums it up her experience in one statement: “Copiers Plus is making my life easier.” When asked what she would say to other law firms considering this solution she said, “If you want to save time, work efficiently and more effectively, Copiers Plus can help you.”