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Fax Machines

Much of what we do at Copiers Plus involves how people handle information. Our printers and scanners enable people both to give their information a tangible form and to upload it onto their network.

You also need the ability to send or share that information with others. With our selection of fax machines, you can distribute documents faster, which will help make your business more efficient. This is one way in which we put the “plus” in Copiers Plus. You’ll feel that “plus” in your office’s operations too.

Benefits of Our Fax Machines

With a fax machine from Copiers Plus, you get:

First-Rate Efficiency

Our devices can:

  • Transmit dozens of pages within seconds
  • Scan both sides of a sheet of paper
  • Send a fax right when a document’s first page is scanned
  • Schedule jobs to run automatically if the machine is already in use

Also, the internal memory and battery backup of our fax machines make it even easier to distribute your information. You can store thousands of pages on the machine and avoid losing time due to power issues.

Compact Footprint

Copiers Plus’ fax machines are designed to fit in smaller areas, making them convenient for businesses that need to conserve office space.

Simple, User-Friendly Design

Never used a fax machine before? Don’t worry—our devices’ easily understandable controls enable you to get up and running right away. You can also save dozens of Speed Dial numbers and store hundreds of pages on our machines, allowing you to boost your efficiency even more.

Printing and Copying Options

On top of faxing, you can print and copy pages quickly. This could benefit customers looking to keep their equipment costs low.

Low-Energy, Eco-Conscious Design

Copiers Plus’ fax machines are Energy Star certified, which indicates their outstanding energy-efficient features as well as their high productivity. You’ll not only save on supplies but also manage your carbon footprint better.

For more information on our fax machines, check out our product catalog or contact us.