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Managed Document Services

Once you scan a paper document with your stand-alone scanner or multifunction system, your work doesn’t stop there. You may need to route the document to someone in your office who needs information to get his/her work done. You may need to file it away if you don’t need it again for weeks, months or even longer. You may also need to share and edit the document with others, some of whom may not be at your location.

With managed document solutions from Copiers Plus, you can accomplish all of the above. You’ll be able to take advantage of the following features and more:

Document Management

Try telling a physical filing cabinet what you need and see where that gets you. With document management software, you’ll have the ability to save and locate your documents easily by using indexing and full text searches.

Automatic Workflows

You can create rules for routing various types of scanned documents to different people and locations. How many menial tasks could your business automate? Think of the time and money you’ll save.

Collaboration Options

You’ll have the option of working on documents with other people. You’ll also be able to check changes made by specific people and go back to earlier versions.

Mobile Access

You’ll be able to access your files securely and collaborate with others from your laptop or mobile device. Imagine how convenient it will be to have sales people access client files, notes, and sales materials from the road. And while we may not always want to work from home, document management solutions make this a feasible possibility.

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