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The printer—a basic piece of office equipment, right? They’re pretty much all the same, aren’t they?

Not really, actually.

Thanks to our partnerships with such leading manufacturers as RISO, Lanier and Samsung, Copiers Plus can offer you laser and inkjet printers that enable you to print faster and with less energy. You’ll become more productive, more efficient and more eco-conscious all at once.

Benefits of Our Printers

Copiers Plus’ selection of printers come with many helpful features, including the following:

High Print Speeds

Our devices can produce hundreds of pages within minutes. Many models have warm up times of less than a minute, giving you the ability to get up and running even quicker.

Sturdy, Reliable Design

Our technology partners design and build their printers to have as few moving parts as possible. This means fewer parts that can wear down and need replacing, which also means that you can print more and for longer.

Copiers Plus’ printers are also designed to take up as little space as possible. Their lack of special power requirements makes them even more convenient.

Eco-Friendly Features

Our printers come with features like standby and sleep modes as well as automatic shutdown. These allow the devices to consume much less energy. Also, available models can print without generating heat, which greatly reduces the energy used up as the machine operates.

The industry has recognized our printers’ energy-saving effectiveness. Many of our devices are Energy Star® certified, indicating both their high level of functionality and their power-efficient processes.

To learn more about our selection of printers, contact Copiers Plus.