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Company History

Company History

Sons, Bob Jr. and Shane, Co-Owners Bob Sr. and Wife Deb, Daughter Kirra

Family-Owned and Family-Operated for Over 30 Years

Copiers Plus was founded by Robert and Debra Matthews in 1986. Over the years, we’ve built a loyal base of clients, who regularly refer us to others. We’ve achieved this thanks to every Copiers Plus employee’s total commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company has happily become a family tradition as well: two of the Matthews’ sons are part of the business today. Robert Jr. and Shane have taken ownership of our Ocean City, New Jersey Printing Services division. With expertise in Adobe creative suite and EFI fiery controllers, along with their experience in the various substrates and media both in digital cut sheet and large format environments, they have become a tremendous asset for Copiers Plus. Combined with excellent customer relations skills, these two young men have a very bright future. (Robert and Debra are very proud of them.)

Putting the Customer First

From the beginning, we at Copiers Plus have treated our customers and our employees as the most important parts of our business. After all, we wouldn’t have a business at all without them.

However, we see our connection with our customers as more than strictly business. When you come to us, we don’t just see another dollar in the till. We see a neighbor, a human being, someone who deserves the utmost respect. In other words, we see not just the lifeline of our business but the link to our community at large.

Planning for the Future

We don’t plan to stop our success and growth anytime soon. Copiers Plus actively strives to improve the value and service we give to our customers. We do this through steadfast personal commitment as well as continuous training and hands-on experience. By keeping customer satisfaction as our main focus, we help ensure our own security.

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