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Since Copiers Plus opened in 1986, the ways in which companies manage their information has changed drastically. Instead of storing paper documents in filing cabinets and archives, more and more businesses are opting to save their information digitally. If it’s done right, going digital can save you storage costs, reduce waste and make you more productive and competitive.

Copiers Plus can help you transition from physical to electronic documents. Our document scanners enable you to capture dozens of pages and images per minute. You’ll be able to manage your information more effectively and streamline your business workflow.

Features of Scanners

Copiers Plus’ document scanners have such features as:

  • High dpi resolution to capture details of physical documents
  • Ability to scan dozens of images in minutes
  • Options for scanning to email, network folders and more
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection
  • Durable design that allows for fewer repairs and uninterrupted scanning
  • Options for scanning only specific areas of a physical document
  • Ability to automatically adjust for size and contrast

Back File Scanning

For customers who don’t feel they have the need to purchase scanning equipment, Copiers Plus can provide back file scanning services. We work hard to know the ins and outs of the devices we sell, which means that we can bring that expertise to bear on your projects. To learn more, visit our Back File Scanning page.

For more information on scanners available from Copiers Plus, see our product catalog or contact us.