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Digital Duplicators

Digital Duplicators

Different industries vary in their printing demands. Copiers Plus’ standard inkjet and laser printers can suit the needs of many businesses. Their compact, energy-conscious design ensures that you’ll receive high-quality prints quickly and reliably. Also, our multifunction systems give you the ability to not just print documents efficiently but also to capture and distribute them electronically.

However, some organizations may need more than these devices can handle. Educational institutions, nonprofits and government agencies, for example, require significantly large volumes of prints to communicate with a wide variety of people. They also demand that those prints have the highest quality and detail.

For these and other customers whose printing needs are greater than average, Copiers Plus offers an assortment of outstanding digital duplicators. These machines will enable you to produce a variety of professional-level documents at unmatched speeds.

Benefits of Digital Duplicators

Copiers Plus’ digital duplicators can benefit customers in several ways. Their features include:

Optimal Print Speeds

Our available devices enable you to produce a thousand prints or more in 10 minutes or less. Sophisticated cylinder motion controls and driver algorithms combine to give you sharper, more detailed images.

Some machines have USB plug-and-print capability as well. You can print documents saved to a thumb drive directly from the device, cutting down your output time even further.

Minimal Costs Per Page

Not only do digital duplicators give you first-rate prints, they do so at considerably low costs. Our machines print pages for a fraction of a cent. This has proven especially helpful for organizations that need to keep their overhead low.

Also, many duplicators are Energy Star® certified, allowing you to reduce your power bill and your carbon footprint.

Superior Stock and Format Flexibility

Copiers Plus’ digital duplicators enable you to print on a wide variety of material, including:

Business Cards


Paper Bags

Accessories like envelope feeders and card feed kits make it even easier to create specialized documents.

For more information on digital duplicators, contact us.